About WordCrafter Consultants

Communication is the lifeblood of business. Whether it's a marketing campaign, a quarterly report or a memo to the employees, the words chosen to deliver the message are critical. An awkward phrase or misinterpreted meaning can lead to confusion, loss of productivity, and damage to credibility.

Our consultants have the knowledge you need to ensure your message is delivered correctly and professionally.

Our Approach

We come in and work directly with your personnel to train and guide them in ways to make your message truly powerful. We don’t change your message. We make it clearer to your audience.Whether it’s an ad campaign, a financial report or an internal memo, we will help you develop the tools to deliver those documents, both in written and oral form, in such a way that your message is clear, concise and powerful.

Robi is an author, editor, professional speaker, communication coach and gifted storyteller.

Services We Offer

Document Analysis

Competency Training

Copy Editing